Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Winter Basic.

So, it's almost Christmas, what do you spend money on the most my dear followers?
And far and foremost, how do you actually deal with the cold temperatures when it comes to clothing?
I've always taken a closer look on people around me and how they dress for winter. 
Some, like me, love being an onion from time to time in order to be able to keep on putting on the favorite T-Shirt again and again, some others just apparently brave the cold and don't need to onion part but just a big coat,  and then there are the ones that have a wardrobe "just" for the cold days.
I never really understood how anyone can have a proper wardrobe for winter because even if it's my favorite season, lets be honest: Is it not damn boring? Just wearing sweaters?
And then came THAT Carven Sweater. 
A while ago I hated buying sweaters and sweatshirts, I just bought warm underwear - now I LOVE the idea of spending enough money on a few catchy and strong pieces I'm going to wear every winter again.  Talking about my Givenchy Sweatshirt I've been wearing this Fashion Week - or the Tiger one from last Fashion Week from Kenzo. This Winter, my favorite one has been gifted to me by Tibi - an AMAZING oversize turtleneck - it's funny how a basic piece like a sweater can have enough strength and attitude to be worn with a simple pair of jeans - and make the entire difference on its own, no accessories needed.
As for the best basics - my simple but yet effective light grey Acne (perfect cut!) and last season's cheetah printed Balenciaga one are always on my favorite list when I know that it's going to be a day out in the cold. Sometimes I just have to go for the option: if they look cosy...well then they probably are!! (But don't forget to check what they are made of anyway.)
And my latest friend? After the Tiger, I thought I'd give the evil eye from Kenzo a try and got myself their "classic" version of an embroidered & printed grey sweatshirt - I can feel that this one is going to be used VERY often in the future. 
Which leads me to the conclusion: I never really wanted to invest money in good sweaters, but ever since I got that Carven one I got addicted to it - I thought it would be a piece that I wouldn't wear anymore after one season - but I got proved wrong. It is so rare to find funny and strong sweaters, every time I see one now I basically jump on them - they really are timeless pieces than can make an entire look on their own. So even if they are "only" for the cold days: go for it! 

P.S.: Me in the first picture: braving the cold weather in the wrong way by just enduring it. Very wrong. Get yourself a frikkin' sweater.

pictures from / / tibi / sandra semburg / my instagram


  1. Hi Anne-Catherine!

    Love your blog and your style... so modern and polished, yet eccentric and understated at the same time. You have a lovely eye for detail!

  2. Très joli, j'aime beaucoup ces photos, et tes vêtements font rêver, tu as un très bon style!

  3. Wonderful! Your my favourite fashion blogger annie! <3

  4. I love you and your style, Annie! Please, don't ever stop blogging. X

  5. love your style!

  6. Just discover your blog! So fun and stylish!
    Love that post too, so many ways to wear sweaters!

  7. Wow, amazing pictures! You are so stylish and gorgeous, love youur blog ♥

  8. Hello
    I just discovered you from VOGUE Best Dressed Blogger and I am glad I did. Your style is amazing and you blog is cool. It's good to know that there are famous bloggers out there who still use blogspot :


  9. Cute! I definitely need more sweaters like these.

  10. amazing photos! merry christmas:))
    Emma xx

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